Services We Provide

Individual, Families and Groups


Integrative Medicine

We have modeled our vision to expand the characteristics of Integrative Medicine to include Psychiatry and Psychology. Psychiatric and complimentary medication management is provided by psychiatrists Dr. Jeffrey Hedge DO (older adolescents/adults) and Dr. William Brown MD (adults only).    Annalee Wilson NP is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a special interest and training in integrative medicine. Ms. Wilson works with clients from a holistic perspective that utilizes nutrition (specifically whole foods, plant-based nutrition) as well as herbs/supplements and mind-body interventions to help heal our most common chronic conditions. 



is a collaborative treatment based on the relationship between an individual and a therapist. Our therapists are licensed mental health counselors who have extensive experience working in these Psychotherapeutic Treatment Areas:

  • Randy Hendricks: ADHD, Athletic Performance, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Contentment Coaching, Positive Psychology, Existentialism: purpose and meaning in life and risk management.

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Mindfulness based stress reduction (or simply MBSR). Individual practitioners provide this training as a weekly class taught by Dr. William Brown. He will teach you about the science and meaning of MBSR through stories, readings and take you through a simple body scan. As you engage in this process you will have an opportunity to adapt the techniques in your own life situations.

Mindfulness Group - Tuesdays at 11:00 - 11:45. Cost $5.00/session


Art Therapy

Is a psychotherapy that utilizes visual art making techniques (i.e.: drawing, painting, sculpting to name a few) to facilitate change.  No artistic ability is necessary in order to benefit from using Art Therapy.  Art Therapy can be provided in individual and group settings.

Art Therapy is provided by licensed psychotherapists with training and experience in Art Therapy at Integrative Psychiatry and Psychology.