Our Natrapath


Dr. Trevor George, N.D.


Dr. Trevor George graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2009.  Prior to medical school, he completed his undergraduate in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh having also played collegiate baseball.  He then moved on to Central Michigan University to attend graduate school for sport administration.

Although naturopathic medical school is focused on primary care, Dr. Trevor George focused more on addiction and behavioral health.  After a brief two year move to Texas, and one more trip back to Arizona, Dr. George made the move to the northwest.  He has been practicing addiction medicine for three years.  In addition, he counsels and educates patients on proper nutrition and lifestyle habits.  He is the Co-founder and Director of Online Addiction Recovery and Support, an educational website that provides e-courses to those interested in self-improvement, self-growth and overcoming addiction.

Dr. George thinks outside the box and enjoys working with patients not responding to conventional treatments.  Although he may utilize conventional medication management, Dr. George educates on proper lifestyle habits including exercise prescription, nutrition and stress reduction.  He may order different labs such as a micronutrient profiles, heavy metal challenges, food allergy and gluten testing.  In addition, he enjoys using botanical medicine when appropriate.  He does do counseling and spends time with patients in developing goals, both short and long term.

In his spare time Dr. George and his family enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, fishing, four-wheeling and kayaking.  He is also an avid sports fan and coach.  He currently coaches soccer but has also coached baseball and football at all different levels.